Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Table of Contents

So there are a lot of topics I'd like to cover here.  I thought that by making a list, it might help me do two things- 1). It would be a Table of Contents to any readers, plus 2). It would act as a checklist I can cross items off as I get them out.  So , in no particular order, here are a few topics of discussion I'd like to delve into:
1). Why I Run
2). Weight Loss- Fails & Wins
3). Training Plans
4). Race Bucket List
5). Race Recaps
6). Mothering & Training
7). Pregnancy & Running
8). Top Recipes
9). Why the Title "Practically Running"
10). Family Fun
11). Keeping the Peace- Finding a Balance
12). Raising Money Through Running
13). TBD

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