Sunday, September 22, 2013

Milton Harvest Festival 5k 2013 Recap

Yesterday was the day of my mom's first ever 5k!  Running has become such a huge part of who I am, so I was extremely excited to be sharing it with her.  My sister was joining us, as well as my two sisters-in-law, my good friend Kelli, and several other running acquaintances.  I was surprised by just how many people I ran into at the start, a few people I never even knew were runners! 

Me, Mom, Brandi @ top/ Erica, Maddie, Alania on bottom right
We had a couple of snags before we could get started.  First of all, parking!  There were cars everywhere and no one directing us where to go.  We pulled into the McDonald's parking lot and headed to packet pick up, got our bibs and shirts, and headed back to the car.  Once there an employee came out and told us we had to move.... of course we do.  So we head back out of the parking lot where I see my friend Kelli walking by, I shout to her and ask her where to park, but the lot she was in was already full.  We find someone in a safety vest and they direct us around and we end up parking in some grass, but we never got ticketed or towed, so its all good. 
The next snag?  Bathrooms.  There were no port-a-potties anywhere!!!  This is a festival with food and vendors, I couldn't believe they didn't have any bathrooms!  So we stood in a very long line to use the borough building restroom.  That left us about ten minutes to the start of the race, so we headed toward the start.
Mom was nervous.  She also had been having pain in her left leg and was worried that it might keep her from finishing.  I had no worries.  This is my mother we're talking about here, I gotta get my stubbornness, I mean, determination from somewhere!  So the air-horn sounded and we were off!
I tried to take some selfies while in motion.... not too bad, right?!
We ran at the start, Mom telling us later that that was the longest distance she had ever run without stopping.  Once we hit the second mile we ran some more, and Mom was looking strong!
Go Mom!
After that second run we walked until we were in sight of the finish line, when Mom said with a grin, "I'm doing another one."  (YAY!)  And then we were off one last time.  We crossed in 48:05, and in the words of my mom, "We weren't last!"  We hugged and had just a few happy tears.  Here's to the beginning of something wonderful!

Steps from the finish!  I'm so proud!




  1. I absolutely LOVE all the photos. Can I just say...I LOVE that you're blogging. Sometime when Jamie and I were talking this weekend I said,"Well in that one blog of Janell's..." then I stopped and smiled adn said,"I LOVE that I can say that now. Janell is a blogger." then I continued on with my actual train of thought. Keep on writing and inspiring.

  2. I hoped for some pics. These are great! Looks like you all had a great time. Congrats to all!

  3. Awww, yay!!! I'm glad she wants to do another one! I'm so proud of your mom!!! Keep it up! I love the selfie photos while running, that takes talent.

    Boo, about the bathrooms but I'm glad that mostly everything else went wonderfully!

  4. Couldn't comment earlier while reading from my phone, and now the ladies stole my comments :-) First off, LOVE the selfies while running! And YAY for your Mom!!!! So special! This sounds like such a great event to share with locals and friends :-)


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