Friday, September 20, 2013

Race Day Jitters

This post is to celebrate my mother, Lori.  Tomorrow morning she will be participating in her first road race, the Milton Fall Festival 5k.  She is nervous, says she is going to puke.  I know that feeling.  I still get it a little bit before every single race.  My heart rate picks up just at the thought of an upcoming race! 

She has recently lost over 20 pounds.  If you've ever had weight to lose you know what an accomplishment that is.  She is at the beginning of her journey, and it is my hope that she one day looks back at this race and thinks with pride about how far she's come.

She posted this on her facebook and I hope she remembers it tomorrow.  She doesn't have to live up to anyone's expectations tomorrow.  Although if I'm being completely honest, I do expect her to start, and I expect to be with her every step of the way, and I expect to cross the finish line right by her side.

Photo: That's me! How about you?
I love you, Mom!


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