Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mifflinburg Turkey Trot '13 Recap & CJ's Resolution Update

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you had a wonderful day full of the people you love and that you had time to reflect on the things that make you thankful.  I know I did!  My day started off with a local turkey trot 5k.  The event isn't officially timed but there is a clock at the finish that you can take note.  The real objective is to beat the turkey (aka person dressed in turkey costume) to the finish.  I had no plans on running this race hard, it was more of a way for me to spread the word about CJ's Resolution Challenge.  I wore a race bib advertisement on my back, hung a large poster at the snack station (with permission, of course!), and personally handed out flyers to as many folks as I could.  I hope I was successful in attracting some runners. 

My friend Des on left, Me on right

Advertising as I was, I got there early at 7:30 and the race didn't start until 9:00.  It was so cold outside and there was a dusting of snow on the ground.  Unfortunately I had to walk through that snow so my feet got wet.  My legs and feet were just about numb when we finally started running.  It felt really bizarre!  I was nearly to the halfway point by the time my legs finally stopped feeling awkward.  But I noticed I was hanging with the front of the pack of over 300 racers, which felt pretty cool!  At the end there was this kid who had kept about the same distance from me from the start but I was closing the gap.  In the final stretch we were next to one another and he looked spent.  So I said "C'mon, step on the gas!  We're almost there!  Don't let me pass you!"  We both picked up the pace and brought it home.  My time was 23:17 (current 5k PR 23:09), so pretty darn good!  Had I known the result I might have pushed to get a new PR.  But there's always next time!

2013 Turkey Trotters
After the race I went home and made a broccoli cheese casserole for my dad's side of the family, which is gigantic.  I used nine pounds of broccoli, six pounds of Velveeta, and two entire boxes of Ritz crackers.  We got there, pigged out, and reconnected with beloved family members.  I got to share a lot about CJ's Resolution Challenge and I'm looking forward to the support from my family. Speaking of, I'd like to give a little update on the race. 

The race has been nearly all consuming, but I'm loving it!  I feel like I am constantly emailing or calling somebody about something.  Always organizing and reorganizing.  Planning and writing out my to-do lists.  But I believe its going to all be worth it.  I've been quite touched by the outpouring of support.  Family members, friends, local businesses, and complete strangers reaching out to help me in whatever way they can.  We've received food donations for our racers to enjoy and gift certificates and items to include in our basket raffle.  Kindness, caring, and generosity.  Its truly amazing.

I also wanted to share one of my mom's contributions to the cause.  She has been sewing these adorable CJ Elephants.  Almost all of the materials needed have been donated to her.  She charges just $10 per elephant and 100% of that is going to the beneficiaries.  If you'd like one just message me here or find my mom on facebook here- CJ Elephant     

Adorable & Squeezable CJ Elephants!

Medals are in production.  T-shirts are in the design stage.  I'm lining up times to speak with local radio stations.  I think I've put CJ's Resolution Challenge on every race website there is.  We're collecting great items to be part of the basket raffle.  Things are really coming together.  All that's missing is you!!!  Discounted registration ends on December 15th, take advantage and register today!!!