Tuesday, April 22, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014

A chance to recap my fun weekend with Crystal.  It was a semi-last minute decision to take a cluster of days I had off and make the trip to Cape Cod.  We got to spend the St. Patrick's Day weekend together and it was such a great trip!    I arrived Friday evening and Saturday we had a race to run.  It was Plymouth's Pace to a Pint 5k.  Crystal had won a free entry and I ran under one of her friend's bibs (thanks again!!!)  We needed more miles than 3.1 that day, so we caught a few warm-up miles before the race.  The race itself was fun, but crowded!!!  I don't think I've ever run a 5k with so many other runners, nearly 1100!!!!  The entire first mile was so congested.  It felt like I couldn't really stretch my legs until that first mile was over.  Toward the end of the race I caught Crystal glancing at her Garmin.  We had planned to take it easy since we were planning on 16 miles the next day.  I asked her how we were doing.  She stated our current pace, which I think was an 8:0-something.  Then she said, "I definitely don't want to go below 8."  Looking at that now, I realize she meant she didn't want to go any faster.  However, at the moment I heard she doesn't want to go slower than 8-minute pace.  I kinda freaked!  I thought, "She's crazy!!!  It was her idea to take it easy and now she wants to keep a sub-8 for the rest of this race?!?!  Okay!"  So I/we tear off.  There was less than a mile to go at this point, thank goodness.  As we turn to run down the hill to the finish this woman gets between us.  We go to make a left hand turn into the chute and the woman cuts me off and I have to kinda side step the curb.  Irked, I pick up the pace to get by her.  Then she picks up her pace.  Then I'm all like, it is on!  Crystal and I had wanted to do a jump finish, but I just needed to cross the line before Miss Pushy Pants.  At the cost of nearly puking up my guts and missing my jump finish, I did cross before Ms. Pants.  Our times are weird, officially Crystal finished in 25:32..... and I finished in 26:25..... which is sooo peculiar since we were next to each other!!!  So I've decided I'm taking the better of the two, ha!  At the race I got to meet her friends Kyle and Ren, and afterwards we went to a pub to collect our pints and eat some delicious bar food!  
Jump shot after race, Running Selfie, Awesome Pub Food, Awesome Running Friends Ren & Kyle

Poor Crystal had to work that afternoon/evening, so I took full advantage and read some, blogged some, and napped some.  It was awesome!  I had the chance to meet several of her friends that I felt like I already knew.  So besides Ren and Kyle, there was Beth and Brian (Dr. B).  The four of us (meaning Joe, me, Beth, and Brian) had dinner at Wicked Pizza while Crystal worked.  We sat and enjoyed our dinners while Crystal slaved away!

On Sunday we got to run our first 16-miler of the schedule together.  Not only that, but it was a beautiful day and it was a gorgeous route!!!  I feel so blessed to have been able to spend those miles next to my best friend.
Two runs, two matching outfits
After our long run I got to meet her friend Dave, who is training for his first Ironman.  The four of us enjoyed a dinner out, then ice cream, then a hilarious board game and deliciously aged wine (hahaha).

Me, Dave, Crystal, and the Joe out for a treat!
After a five miler on Monday, we hit the outlets!  I did really well at not spending money, well, at least not a lot of it.  I did get myself some sleeves and a hat for running, plus some tights.  But I think that was it.  Then we went to Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill and had gigantic beers with dinner.  Sam Adams, yummmmm.

Tuesday the plan was to basically get up and head home.  We shared a few more miles together, naturally.  Then went to Marathon Sports where Dave manages the store and I got myself a new pair of shoes for Marathon #3.  After some lunch at Panera it was time to pack it up.  Good byes with Crystal over the years have gotten progressively harder.  It seems as if God has been trying to gently wean us apart.  First with their move from Southport to Elizabeth City.  Then we moved home and they moved to Cape Cod.  But we've always remained within driving distance.  At the end of May they will be moving on to a new great adventure.  And I'm so excited and happy for them.  I think it will be a great opportunity for them both.  All that being said, it breaks my heart in two that my best friend will be in Alaska where the possibility for an impromptu long weekend trip will be nonexistent.  I pray for their safety and happiness.  I pray they quickly make the place their new home and make good friends.  I pray for great visits (even if they will be few) that will help ease our time apart.  And I hope that maybe they come back to the east coast when their stay in Alaska is up.

The Best of Friends


  1. Don't make me cry!!!

    Oh man, I wish we could re-live that weekend. It was so much fun from start to finish. I love you dear friend. I can't wait to see you next week. Eek!

  2. yea what Crystal said...oops too late I have tears streaming down my cheeks. I don't think I can read any of your blogs without crying. I guess that is the mom in me. This one breaks my heart because I know yours is breaking. I am so proud of what you do and who you are, my chest swells with pride as I tell anyone that you are my daughter. I love you!!


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