Friday, August 1, 2014

Midd-West Relay for Life Inaugural 5k/10k and 1/2 Mile Fun Run

My cousin Ange has long been involved in the Midd-West Relay for Life.  This year they decided to add a road race to the festivities and asked me to help.  So I met with Ange and the Fetterolf ladies (Joan, Michele, and Dani) to start planning.  I didn't have much advice to offer, but I shared my experience from planning CJ's Resolution Challenge.  So on June 21, Aaron, Maggie, Cullen and I went to the Beaver Springs Fair Grounds for the Inaugural Midd-West Relay for Life De-Feet Cancer 5k/10k.  There was only eleven of us running the 10k, but about 50-55 running the 5k.

Pre-race Photos! Me, Cullen, and Mags
Both races followed the same out and back route, with the 10k running to a more distant turn around point.  At the beginning Aaron and my sister-in-law Erica took off ahead of me, and I had to cool my jets and not try to catch them.  I felt good and strong and slowly picked up my pace.  I passed a few people, got by the 5k turn point, and realized I was the first female in the 10k race.  And I knew that I had distanced myself already from the second lady, so now just to not mess up.  Mission accomplished!  I was fourth overall of eleven 10k runners and first of seven females.  I PR'd my 10k time with a 50:43 (so close to sub-50!)  As you can see, Aaron was third overall and third male.

It looks like it says 40:43, but I am NOT that speedy!
This race was well supported with water stations and volunteers, my only critique was to encourage their volunteers stationed at turns to be more vocal about which way to run.

Next up was the kids 1/2 Mile Fun Run!  I was was super excited about this because the four of us would be running together.  Cullen and I ran a race at the end of last summer, but now the four of us would get to run together.  Dear old Dad was the photographer, so he is missing from the photos, but I think the smiles speak for themselves.
We love running!
When I think of this day it is not the 10k race I think of, even though I did run a pretty good race that day.  What I remember most is running with my family and the fun we had together.  I always leave them at home when I run.  I always have a prescribed distance, speed, or other workout I "have" to do that day.  So this was a great opportunity to share what I love.  I want to keep them little, and I avoid saying "I can't wait 'til....." when it comes to my kids, but I do look forward to the day when we can easily spend more time biking and running together.  This race helped remind me of why I love running, its fun!!!  Not convinced?  Again, I say those smiles speak for themselves.   ;)

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  1. Why does something so happy and so positive bring me to tears? Because I am such a love love these pics!


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