Saturday, September 6, 2014

OBX Vacation 2014

I wouldn't normally blog about my family vacation, but I'm pretty pleased with myself for continuing to work out so hard while away from home.  We went to Corolla, NC in the Outer Banks for one week at the end of July.  I had just started training for Marathon #4 and was already in the thick of training for my first ever triathlon.  We drove down on a Saturday, so I took that as my rest day. Workouts were as follows:

Sunday- Tempo run, 6.43 miles
Monday- OWS (open water swim) in the Atlantic
Ocean swims are tough!
Tuesday- Negative split run (3,3) 6.43 miles

Wednesday- Easy beach run, 4 miles
Who wouldn't love this?!
Thursday- Long run, 14 miles
Long runs require a post-run dip in the pool
Friday- Easy beach run, 5.5miles
Good-bye beach!
Saturday- Rest day, drive home

And what would a family vacation blog be without some family photos?!?!  Enjoy!

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