Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sick Trail Race 2014

Sick Trail Race is one of my most favorite races!  I stumbled upon it three years ago only because my friend Kelli asked me to join her.  She found a flyer and was worried about going alone because she had heard it was held at someone's private home.  Well, that is true.  The race is hosted by Scott & Ann Sick at their home in Millville, PA.  The course runs through their woods and fields.  When you're finished running there is a feast and hand-made prizes!  The first year I ran (7/14/12), it about killed me!  The 4.1 miles took me 52:33.  The second year (7/27/13) the race tried to kill me again, thanks to terrifying thunderstorms and torrential downpours! But I did much better time-wise, probably thanks to dodging the lightening bolts!  Finishing time was 42:47.  This year (7/19/14) I struggled and actually walked some, but still finished in 43:13.

Pre-race Photos!

Homemade Time Board/ And check out that view!!!

Misha, Me, Aaron (the hubs), Erica, Maddie
If you like running trails, you really must run this race.  Did I mention it's free?  That's right, totally free!!!  The feast at the end is brought by all us runners, pot-luck style.  You will feel like you're at a family reunion.  This race truly encompasses what trail running is all about.

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  1. Free?!?!?! Say whhhattt?!?! You rock chick. I want to do this race someday.


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