Thursday, January 15, 2015

2014 Year in Review

Before moving on to the new year, I must take a little time to reflect on 2014.  I set some hefty goals for myself and want to review those now.  
  • Run another 15 races this year ~ YES!  Brought in fourteen races in 2014 plus my first ever triathlon and the Santa's Seven Miler Fun Run.   
    Santa's Seven Miler 2014!
  • Sub 3:50 marathon (with my BFF Crystal) ~ MISSED.  Both my marathons were bummers this year at over four hours.  On the plus side, I did get to run most of my third marathon with Crystal. 
  • Sub 1:45 half marathon ~ MISSED.  But I did get a new half marathon PR.
  • Sub 2:30 Dam Half ~ YES! 2:28:16
  • Sub 23 minute 5k ~ MISSED. Although if my 5k in April had actually measured out to 3.1 miles it would have been a PR. And I do think sub-23.
  • Between my own and my family's efforts, raise a grand total of $17,500 for autism ~ YES! I don't have an exact figure, but we have raised well over $20,000.  Can you believe it?!?!?!
  • Cheer Aaron on as he rocks his first marathon this year ~ The Mount Nittany Marathon was the first and only race I went to as spectator and I got to say, I had so much fun!   

Many missed goals there.  I think of my running anniversary as September 2012, even though I had run off and on before then.  I guess that's just because that is the first time I ever trained and ran with real purpose.  So 2013 I set a lot of PRs and made a lot of progress, and all that progress slowed down quite a bit in 2014.  Maybe I set my sights a little too high or maybe I didn't put forth enough effort.  I'm not really sure.  But when I look back at the year I'm still really proud of all I accomplished, despite not meeting many goals.

So of what am I most proud?  Well, I'm proud that I competed in my first triathlon.  I'm proud of my daughter for running her first fun run, and of Cullen for doing his second one.  I'm thrilled to have been part of all this autism awareness and advocacy.  I'm glad I didn't quit at Philly when that's all I could think about.  I'm blown away that my feet carried me 1,545 miles over 365 days.  2014 was a really great year and I have so much for which to be thankful.  
River Towns, Frosty 5k, Humdinger, Pace to a Pint

Philly, Wetonah, Smith's Knob, De-Feet 10k, Dam Half, ADMI 5k, Sick Trail,
NVHM, LARA Tri, Dandelion, Tussey

I'm grateful for the life I live.  I am wildly blessed and I know this.  So what's in store for 2015?  Well, I guess I might as well throw down some goals now.  
~ Run 1600 miles
~ Compete in olympic distance triathlon
~ Sub 3:50 marathon
~ Sub 1:45 half marathon
~ Sub 23 5k (I just can't let these speedy goals go)
~ Compete in 15 races for the year. (Seems like a good number!)
~ Take Team CJ to a spring and fall race.
~ Start the groundwork for creating my own autism foundation
~ I'd also really like to do a half Ironman, a 50k, run all the Tussey Teasers, and complete the Trophy Series.  But seriously, there is just not enough time.  

It will be interesting to see how much I can do.  But I'd rather set lofty goals and fail than set conservative goals that when reached don't really feel like accomplishments.  So farewell 2014 and welcome 2015!  

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