Tuesday, September 22, 2015

North! To Alaska!!!

Last year in May my best friend moved to Sitka..... that's in Alaska.  When she left my house (in Pennsylvania) to continue her Cape Cod to AK trek I was so heartbroken.  We've had to hug and say 'see ya later' many times, but this time was especially hard because our next get together was not yet determined.  Furthermore, I would no longer be able to take a long weekend and drive to see her.  Getting to Alaska would take a lot of planning, time off work, cash, etc.  So watching her drive away was exceptionally hard.

I met Crystal at our husbands' first duty station, USCG Station Oak Island.  It didn't take too long before she and Joe were family.  Its not often that people like them come into your lives.  When they do, you treasure them.

My husband only served four years in the Coast Guard and then we moved home.  Crystal and Joe would move to other east coast places and we could visit with relative ease.  So even though Alaska would greatly limit the frequency of our visits, I was happy for Joe in this opportunity to advance his career and excited for all the adventures that Crystal would surely be able to experience.

In October of last year Alaska Airlines had a sale, supposedly the lowest prices of the year.  Now was my chance!  Crystal and I feverishly made our plans and I purchased the tickets..... for June 2015.  It was still going to be a wait, and over a year would have passed until I got to see my friend.  But at least I knew when that would be.

As she shared pictures of her Alaskan Adventures I kept a checklist of all the things I wanted to do and see while we visited.  One thing was clear, we were going to be busy!  So now our trip has come and gone with so many adventures and memories made.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.....
All ready to fly!

Really amazing bear sanctuary that rescues orphaned cubs.

Medvejie Pre-Party!

Medvejie Scenery- you'll see amazing views of nature (and mountain rescue heavily armed!)

I want to ride my bicycle!

Harbor Mountain- my favorite hike of the trip!

Verstovia (aka Vitruvious in my mind)- my 2nd favorite hike

Shooting Range Fun!

Awsesome fishing trip- thank God for scopalomine!

Herring Cove Hike

Indian River Hike

Our last sunset

Only Fools Run at Midnight 5k

Our last morning we went to Totem Park and got to check out the tide pools.

After our morning at Totem Park (with delicious coffee from Fish Eye Coffee) it was time to get ready to board our flight.  Again, it was with a very heavy heart because we didn't have next time figured out.  Fortunately that problem has been resolved and another trip is booked!  I'll be visiting Crystal in Kansas City later this year.

Our Alaskan Adventure was one I will never forget.  The majestic beauty of the island, the hospitality of the locals, and the laughter shared with best friends have all been indelibly fixed in my memory..... especially the laughter.