Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Timberman 70.3 Training Weeks 9-19

I am now through NINETEEN WEEKS of triathlon training and have completed my first tri of the year.  I wanted to recap the last several weeks (March 7th through May 22nd) and take a look at the highlights.

In the last eleven weeks (aka 77 days) I have done:
Swim- 23 workouts, over 20 hours, about 24.5 miles in the water
Bike- 29 workouts, almost 39 hours, over 400 miles on the bike
Run- 32 workouts, almost 26 hours, 177 miles
Core- 7 strength sessions over almost 5 hours
91 workouts in 77 days means a lot of bricks and very few total days of rest..... and a whole lotta sweating.

I'm really proud of the work I'm putting in, and I know it's paying off.

The above included the Race for Women's Health 10k (where I set a new PR), the River Towns Half Marathon (another new PR), and the Lake Raystown Tri (where I think I may have put my OWS anxiety to rest.)
PRs All Around!

What I Need to Work On
The bike.  When it comes down to it, it's on the bike that I have the most to gain.  Time to buckle down and get serious about biking.
My new-to-me TT bike!

What I'm Really Proud Of
Two new PRs!
Just getting into the water at Lake Raystown Tri (The windchill was 35 degrees that morning with water temps at 58 degrees.  Brrrr!)
Organizing a fun event at Fero Vineyards & Winery and raising about$1800 for ADMI.
Heading up an amazing team to run River Towns Half Marathon that raised over $8000 for autism!
Team CJ at River Towns 2016

What Else is Going On
We attended SEVEN children's birthday parties.  Oh em gee.
Seven speech therapy sessions and six ABA sessions
Extra time at work (because triathlon-ing is expensive!)
Two field trips, two Mother Daughter Banquets, Kindergarten registration activities, family photos, Easter festivities, three doctor appointments, one trip to the groomer & two to the vet, volunteered at Spring Fever Trail Race, three visits to ADMI, two IEP meetings, and one parent/teacher conference
Plus April is Autism Awareness Month- in this household, that means BUSY!!!

But I thrive on busy.  The house might be a bit messy and our meals might be simple, and that's completely okay.

Thanks for reading!

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