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Frosty 5k / Race for Women's Health 10k / River Towns Half / Lake Raystown Tri / Wallyman Tri / Musselman Tri / Flutopia 5k

Since I'm tapering and have all kinds of crazy free time, how 'bout another blog post?!  I thought I'd recap all of the year's races to date. 

Frosty 5k
February 6, 2016
22:53 - a new 5k PR!!!
39/225 overall
5/46 in AG (F31-40)
That was hard! Coach said not to look at the watch.  So I spotted Ann Sick in the crowd, and knowing that she's faster than I am, made it my goal to try to keep her in sight.  Almost accomplished that, but not quite!  As for my splits, my first mile came in at 7:17, my next two were over 7:40s.  Clearly, pacing is an issue for me BUT I got a new PR, so there's that.
New 5k PR!
Race for Women's Health 10k
April 23, 2016
48:12 - a new 10k PR!!!
13/32 overall
1/2 in AG F30-34
This course isn't hilly, but it isn't exactly flat.  I'm very pleased with improving my 10k PR by 2 minutes and 31 seconds.  I don't remember much about this race other than I had a really good warm up and tried really hard to keep my friend Steph in sight (almost but not quite accomplished!)  I also remember being tired but finishing strong.  Plan was simple.  WU for at least 20 minutes before the race, then miles 1-2 run at 7:50, miles 3-6 run at 7:40.  I 'knew' I couldn't do it.  And true, my splits are a little ugly, but I still broke my goal of sub-50 minutes. 
1- 7:49 
2- 7:56 
3- 8:18 (eek!) 
4- 7:47 
5- 7:41 
6- 8:02 (eek! -This is kinda weird though, because I felt like I was picking it up.) 
0.2- 7:11

New 10k PR!
River Towns Half Marathon
May 7, 2016
1:47:48 - a new half marathon PR! (improvement of 55 seconds)
55/331 overall
2/32 in AG F31-35
Great race! I had hoped to finish about a minute faster but the "wheels came off the cart" miles 10-13. Pace had been 8:04-8:16, but then miles 10 & 11 was in 8:20s, miles 12 & 13 was in 8:40s. Still a PR and a great lesson on race execution (aka, follow your race plan!!!)
Also, should mention I organized Team CJ to run at this event. We raised about $7500 for autism!
Coach Yonkin & Me!
Lake Raystown Triathlon - Sprint Distance
May 15, 2016
13/42 overall
1/2 AG F30-34 (a mistake, but would have taken first in my correct AG anyway)
Swim- 25:43 (2:05/100yd)
T1- 4:33
Bike- 1:08:16 (14.2mph)
T2- 1:55
Run- 25:45 (8:16/pace)
I was super dreading this swim.  First of all, I panic in the water.  Only twice have I been in the open water and not lost my cool.  Second, I've never been in water this cold.  58 degrees, air temp 44, wind chill 35.  I was certain I couldn't do it.  I gave serious thought to a DNS (did not start.)  But sonovabitch, I paid my money, I trained, and I froze my ass off in a tent the night before for the privilege to attempt this race and I decided I was going to do it.  After the first buoy, I knew I'd be fine.  I even passed people in the water.  Me!  Passing people in the swim!!!  
Then, after almost four and a half minutes in transition (extremities were numb!), it was off on the bike.  Super tough course with lots of climbs and abundant headwind!  I felt pretty strong, but was happy when it was over!  Just under two minutes for my second transition before beginning my run.  Lots of hills, again, but felt really strong.  Was really proud of myself for starting/ completing this race.  As for the event itself, it was under new management this year, so there were a few bumps, but nothing major.  There were plenty of volunteers and I felt safe for the entire race.
Cold but beautiful course!
Wally Man Triathlon - Olympic Distance
June 11, 2016
50/102 overall
4/6 in AG F35-39
Swim 23:52 (1:56/100yd) (short course, only 0.7 mile)
T1 3:28
Bike 1:28:38 (16.2mph average)
T2 1:36
Run 58:11 (9:23/pace)

This race in Hawley, PA was fun practice for me.  The swim was about two-tenths of a mile short (!) but went really well.  Made my way into transition and became really dizzy!  Actually ended up falling hard trying to get my wetsuit off.  Eventually I made it out on the bike.  Because we got there so late the day before (it was dark!) we didn't get to drive the course.  That put me at a bit of a disadvantage because I felt I had to take all downhills cautiously.  There was quite a bit of gravel at spots which always stinks, but the RD had warned us about that prior to the start.  The course description called the run course "flat and fast."  That is inaccurate.  Hahahahaha!!!  There was even one hill that I walked!  Additionally, the run course could have used a few more signs.  There was one portion where I and one other racer felt certain we were lost.  We high-fived once we spotted a sign and knew we were on course.  But still, this race was a ton of fun and my friend Steph was there so that made it all the better!
Musselman Triathlon - Sprint Distance
July 9, 2016
123/562 overall
3/34 in AG F35-39
Swim 14:16 (1:54/100yd)
T1 2:23
Bike 51:05 (18.79mph)
T2 2:13
Run 26:57 (8:25/pace)
In the swim I had zero panic/anxiety.  The water was churning like a washing machine with so many people in such a small space (you swim in a narrow canal.)  I was grabbing hips and ankles like crazy.  But I kept my cool and I really think the panic attacks are a thing of the past.   The transition area is HUGE!  So even though I felt like I was making good time, it looked like I was moving slow.  As for the bike, I gotta say, I felt like I was flying.  I passed a ton of people, only passed by two women (I didn't count the guys) and I just felt really great!  The ride was nice, not a whole lot of traffic, no big climbs that I remember, I was really enjoying myself.  Wasn't paying super close attention, apparently, because I thought I still had a while to go and suddenly I was back at transition.  Definitely could have been more aggressive out there.  Not knowing the course is a disadvantage, for sure.  Again, transition time looks slow, but it is such a big transition area!  As for the run, I felt okay.  I didn't want to push it and kill myself.  Was actually surprised that my first mile came in as quick as it did (8:14/pace.)  After the fact, I wish I had pushed to hang on to that first mile pace. They had iced sponges at the halfway point! And what a difference they make!!!! A million times better than dumping water on your head!  The run is just an out and back along the lake, nice and flat, with bits of shade here and there.  I loved this race.  I'm looking forward to returning to see what I can do after I've had more time to grow as a triathlete.  This race was made even more fun because I got to stay with Mike and Jamie, who are training for their second 140.6!!!
Remember why you do this.
Flutopia 5k
July 30, 2016
18/144 overall
FIRST FEMALE FINISHER!!!  A first for me!
1/19 in AG (F30-39)
Not a 5k PR but did win First Overall Female!  Pretty awesome.  I picked out a girl at the start to try to hang with, decided that she looked too fast, but once we started it was just her and I up front so she had to be my "white rabbit."  I hung at her six the entire time, every now and then she'd slow a little and I'd creep up to her shoulder, then she'd surge.  A couple of times like that, and with no one passing us, I realized I could win!  Being a double loop race I knew exactly where I wanted to surge to the finish.  But she faded a lot sooner than that so I was forced to make my move sooner than I wanted.  I passed her, then was certain she was going to retake the lead at any moment.  But I won!  Actually, she finished fifteen seconds after me.  At the end we congratulated each other on a fun race and she said, "Nice kick at the end."   That made me feel great!  I NEVER have kick at the end of anything.  I guess feeling chased helps, hahahaha!  It was so fun actually competing against someone else.  I've never really felt like that before.  Doing this race was Coach Yonkin's idea.  I had been whining a lot in the couple weeks prior to it about feeling like I had no run in me.  This race showed me that I do.
Crazy splits below.
1- 7:04
2- 8:09
3- 7:52
.07- 6:10
Chasing my rabbit!!!

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