Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Timberman 70.3 Training Weeks 28-32 + Lewisburg Sprint Tri

Race day is almost here.  I feel all kinds of emotions as I imagine standing in that cool lake waiting for my wave to start after the ups and downs of the last 32 weeks.  I'm almost there. 

For the last time, I wanted to recap the last several weeks of training, Weeks 28-32 (July 18th - August 21st).  Here are the highlights:

In the last five weeks, I've:
Swam - 12.34 miles in eight hours five minutes
Biked - 342.92 miles in twenty-one hours seventeen minutes
Ran - 86.69 miles in thirteen hours fourteen minutes
For a total distance of 441.95 miles in forty-two hours thirty-five minutes.

To do this week I have one more short swim and two short bikes.  Just something to stay loose and keep from going crazy until Sunday.

What I Need to Work On
Welp, the hay is in the barn, as they say.  There is nothing more I can do to become more physically ready.  My fitness is what it is, which is stronger than I've ever been.  Mentally, I've been doing a lot of imagining.  Picturing myself in the water, mentally going through transition to get on bike, seeing myself execute the run, but mostly, crossing that finish line with a huge smile on my face.

What I'm Really Proud Of
I did this.  I trained for 32 weeks for something that I knew nothing about two years ago.  I'm ready to take on 70.3 miles.  Did you hear that?  I'm ready.

What Else Is Going On
Is there anything else?  Haha!  I kid, but training has taken a lot of time and sometimes it felt like it was all consuming, which puts this mom on one heck of a guilt trip.  Around all the workouts:
Maggie wrapped up her summer sessions of speech therapy
Cullen's summer camp ended and he's had two home therapy sessions (they were rough)
Mechanic appointment (car still isn't right), Puppy to vet x 2 (don't worry, routine check-up stuff), me to the dentist (teeth in great shape!), kids to the dentist (always an adventure), five massage appointments and two to the chiropractor (I swear, it is not a luxury, its required routine maintenance!), and I even got a haircut!
My nephew's 5th Birthday Party
Cullen's 7th Birthday Party
My 35th Birthday!
Bobb Family Reunion
Kindergarten Orientation (sniffle, sniffle!)
And.... the Lewisburg Sprint Triathlon.

Lewisburg Sprint Tri
This was my third go at the local sprint tri, and I set a new personal best.  I hadn't decided to do it until the last minute, so I registered the morning of the event.  This means I was seeded last in the swim.  If you are unfamiliar, the Lewisburg Tri swim is done in the pool.  Swimmers enter the pool one at a time every thirty seconds.  If you register ahead of time you get to submit your estimated swim time and are then seeded accordingly.  I guesstimate I should have been seeded somewhere around 70.... I was 164.  This meant that I would have to wait FOREVER to start my race.  Fortunately, with the blessing from the race director and the timing company, I was able to slide into a no show spot.... swimmer 21.  So now I'm seeded around people who swim way faster than I do, and my swim time reflects that.  Trying to avoid being passed, I swam the 300 yards in 6:47 placing me 5/11 AG in the swim.  Under normal conditions I think I would have swam it in 7-7:30.  I jumped out of the water and ran to my flip flops then ran to my bike.  Transition time 0:46 and off on the bike.  I felt great.  I mean really, really good.  These are the roads I train on every week, so I know them and I'm comfortable on them.  There were two intersections where I had to shout out to the volunteers asking if it was clear to cross, and two turns where I had to slow due to gravel and a stopped car, but otherwise, I was free to fly.  Came in 2/11 on the bike for AG in a time of 47:42, a pace of 19mph.  Bike to run transition 1:15 (I had a shoe issue!), and out to the run.  I felt very rough for the first mile to 1.25 mile.  It was extremely hot and humid (real feel heat index of 111!), so I knew I wouldn't be as fast as I hoped.  I managed the 3.25 mile run in 26:56, a pace of 8:17/mile and good enough for 2/11 AG in the run.  Overall race time, 1:23:29 - 28th athlete OA, 4th female OA, 2/11 AG (F35-39).
Just for comparison, here are my previous two years results:
2014- swim 10:24 (7/9) bike 57:06 (3/9) run 27 (3/9) Total time- 1:35:38 (3/9)
2015- swim 8:22 (8/12) bike 52:50 (3/12) run 26:47 (2/12) Total time- 1:28:57 (3/12)

2016- swim 6:47 (5/11) bike 47:42 (2/11) run 26:56 (2/11) Total time- 1:23:29 (2/11)
This makes me happy!
Swim ~ Bike ~ Run
So, copied from my Facebook post from earlier today....
Ironman 70.3 Timberman is Sunday. For thirty-two weeks I have worked really hard for this day. Its almost here. I keep telling myself to stop being nervous, that it isn't THAT big of a deal. But you know what? It is.
My body is ready to do this and I've tested my mental strength many times during the last thirty-two weeks. I didn't disappoint myself too often. I am really proud and only a teeny bit embarrassed to publicly proclaim it.
Am I afraid of failing? Of course. The hardest part about Sunday won't be physically covering the miles. The hardest part will be allowing myself to believe that I always had what it takes.
Thanks to all of you who have trained with me. Thank you to everyone who has listened to me talk ad nauseum about triathlon. And thanks in advance for your positive vibes for Sunday. This has been one helluva journey.

Next time you hear from me, it will be to give you the Timberman race report. 
So many miles, so many smiles.  Thanks, Friends!!!


  1. ALWAYS cheering you on from near or far. Much love. You will do amazing.

  2. So excited to hear all about your 70.3! You will do great- enjoy and be safe!


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