After searching the web and receiving encouragement from others on a similar journey, it occurred to me that perhaps others may find encouragement from me.  If autism is a part of your life, I hope you are able to reach out and find the support you need.  And if you need to, reach out to me.

Autism Awareness Month Wrap Up 

Autism Awareness Month- 2016

Autism Aware- What is Autism?

Autism Aware- Our Journey to Treatment

Autism Aware- Our Journey to Diagnosis

Autism Aware- Prologue

Differences don't have to be bad.

My first entry specifically about our life with autism.

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  1. Great stuff Janell. Your mother put me onto your site. I plan to check in often..very interesting!! Howdy to Aaron and the kids....have a great holiday season. You have a great family behind you and many friends all around you.....Cheers!
    Kevin Karstetter


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