Why I Run

Like so many, I started running to lose weight.  I suppose there were a lot of other ways I could have tried to get the job done, but I was attracted to running.  I long held an admiration for runners who make it look so easy.  For me it was never was, but it has gotten easier.  And I love what running has done for me.  I recently saw a picture that stated "Exercise changes the outside.  Running changes the inside."  And to me, that statement is truth.  Running is a challenge.  And time after time I have proven to myself that I have what it takes.  That tenacity translates to all other areas of my life.  Sure I've had crappy runs, but I've also had the courage and determination to go out the next day and do it again anyway.  Running has built me up and tore me down, made me feel unstoppable and made me feel vulnerable.  Running has helped me problem solve, find truth, stay healthy, and stride toward balance.  I run to recharge and reconnect.  Below are a few links to blog posts that tie into the reasons I run.

Creation of Practically Running

My Introduction to Running

1000 Miles


  1. Hello. Was looking to see why you run but this page is empty. Am i missing something?

    1. Thanks for the nudge, Running Mom! I finally filled this page in!


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